Welcome to Uncle Tea

Uncle Tea is a young and fun tea lounge that aims to one give everyone a pleasurable tea experience. Our refreshing drinks extend from tea-based to fruit-infused beverages to scrumptious shawarmas and mouthwatering burgers. We strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort where people can come to hang out, chat, have small meetings, you might run into an old friend or make new ones. Uncle’s goal is to build community… a Communi-Tea that fosters relationships, energy and fun all while enjoying a fantastically tasty cup of tea.


What WE Offer

Uncle Tea

The Coffee Grind

All Day Breakfast

Munchers Corner

Uncle Pack Parathas

Tummy Tickler Wraps



Healthy Salads

Burgers Pit stop

Crispa Fries

Shake Spot

Iced Coffee & Drinks

Juice Press

Health Boosters